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[META-TREND 01] Nike into the Metaverse / CU ZEPETO 2nd store opened


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✔ Hot Topic 2 Minute Summary

Hot Topic_01: Nike, To Build A Large Store On The Game Platform Roblox Metaverse


Nike is a brand that has become an important part of the MZ generation's culture.
More than just a sports brand, it is now taking its first step into the Metaverse.
Foreign media reported Nike was collaborating with Roblox, a metaverse gaming platform,
to build a virtual play space "Nike Land".

In Nike Land, buildings, playgrounds, gyms, and so on will be created.
Users will be able to replicate their movements using avatars directly
on their smartphones
and play mini- games together such as dodgeball, long jump, and 100-metre race.
There will also be a digital showroom where you can decorate your avatar with Nike products.

Nike will continue to update and enhance the on-site experience of global sports and events,
with updates on football games during World Cup seasons or the US Super Bowl.
"Digital will become a part of shopping for more and more people," mentioned Matt Friend, Nike's CFO.

Hot Topic_02: Metaverse Convenience Store Popularity… CU Opens The 2nd ZEPETO Store

Did you remember that BGF Retail, founder of the "CU" convenience store
has opened the "CU ZEPETO Hangang Park Branch" in ZEPETO?
This time, it is a second ZEPETO shop that has been launched: “CU ZEPETO Classroom Store”.

Following the opening of the first branch, the Hangang Park world map has more than doubled in visitors
and the number of certified shots has increased eightfold.
On ZEPETO's SNS, there are 2900 CU-related posts and over 2.7 million views.
Due to the high level of interest, 220,000 fashion items for CU avatars were also sold on ZEPETO.

The second branch is expected to open in Classroom 2, the world’s map with the highest ZEPETO traffic.
CU, which is about to open a cafeteria-style shop in a familiar school for Generation Z,
will hold various events to commemorate the inauguration.

Yeon Jung-wook, BGF's Marketing Team Manager said "The ZEPETO convenience store introduces CU
to potential customers beyond time and space, achieving important marketing effects,
such as increasing brand intimacy.
There are several of them, and they also serve as an online channel
to introduce CU to the global market.



Eduwill introduces 'industry first' for employee training using


Baekbeom Kim Gu's return welcoming-party to be held at Metaverse for the first time in 76 years


DDP implemented as a metaverse … The virtual space ship also steps on the rooftop lawn

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